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Rated 5 Stars!

on Etsy, Google, Facebook, and Yelp

Thank you for your continued reviews and testimonials on our Google and Etsy pages for both our products and services.

As a small business, your reviews mean more than anything in the world.

Take a look at what our customers say below and feel free to write your own review!

"I can't get enough of these body lotions/creams...
Great gift idea - feels a little bit luxurious to give or receive! Fantastic, friendly, responsive customer service as always. Thank you!"

- Melanie

"I ordered a whole bunch of things for Christmas gifts, and was so in love that I kept most of it for myself! I’ll be ordering again... I can’t wait to try more products. Amazing customer service, sweet packaging, and high-quality products. Highly recommend."

- Teresa

"The softest lip balm! It smells delicious.
I carry this with me everywhere.."

- Gretchen

"Thank you so much for an amazing massage!!!I fell dead asleep last night and feel so good and clear today. The best massage I’ve had in years, no joke. "


- R

"I have known the owner for about 4 years, starting with her profession as a massage therapist.  She was then, and remains now as the owner of Seven Pines, professional, knowledgable and caring.  She is responsive and treats each customer as her most important.  I am currently using her pain ease cream, sleep inhaler, and oils for meditation and sleep.  I could not be more satisfied!"

- Bryan

"Jess was a great masseuse who really listened to my needs and focused on trouble spots. The massage was relaxing, but also healing. I would definitely return for another!"


"I've been completely relaxed, unbothered and quiet. It almost felt like a massage but I didn't have one."

"I have felt so much more relaxed and centered and so much more aware of my emotional responses to things. The other day I was getting really annoyed with myself and I was able to catch it, process it and release it. It was such a fascinating by product of our session."

"I feel good and I have to say that I slept great."

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