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Cut the Karma Podcast


The Cut the Karma Couples Bundle is here!

In this special bundle comprised of a Private Podcast and Workbook, we offer ways in which you and your mate can look at your relationship from a higher perspective and “Do better and be better,” together.  


The lessons we cover are:


-How to Open Your Heart center with your significant other to intertwine energy and expand

-Why and how you chose one another in soul form to be each other’s partner in this lifetime

-What the Love Ladder is and why it is important to build a solid foundation on each rung

-How to initiate Intimate Communication within your relationship and cut karma with wounded patterns

-Why Cultivating Joy within yourself, together and in the present moment is so important 

-When Vulnerability with physical touch truly makes a difference and how to embody the essence of your desires with one another


These lessons provided by Spirit, Julie’s life coaching, therapy and personal experiences will take your relationship with your significant other to an expanded, upgraded and heart opening level.  Please know this special bundle is for committed relationships and/or those who are looking to upgrade their exchange with love.

Please listen to the podcast first and then proceed with the workbook in a quiet sacred space where you can give one another your undivided attention with unconditional love. Take time to carefully read over the questions and intimately communicate your answers with each other.


Big Love,

Jess & Julie

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