Aromatherapy Inhaler: Allergy
  • Aromatherapy Inhaler: Allergy

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    • Additional Information

      This purchase is for the Allergy Relief inhaler. The essential oils in this inhaler help manage symptoms from common outdoor allergies. Carry it in your pocket when talking a walk, camping, hiking, picnicking, etc. and inhale whenever you need some relief.

      Ingredients: 100% Pure Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphor), Siberian fir (Abies sibirica), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), Laurel leaf (Laurus nobilis)

      Directions: Hold inhaler up to nostril and take a deep inhale, repeat on the other side. Inhale throughout the day as often as you need or want. Will last 2-3 months.

      Caution: If pregnant, nursing or under a physician's care, consult an aromatherapist. Keep out of reach of children. For individual use only.

      Can be made for children as well, message us for more information.

      We only use 100% Organic, sustainable, cruelty free, vegan, GC/MS tested essential oils and carriers

      Color of inhaler may vary

      ** Essential oils are very powerful plant based substances that, when used correctly can have wonderful benefits. I am not doctor and I do not have the authority nor the training to diagnose and treat specific medical conditions. I can not prescribe or replace any medical treatment.

      Essential oils are from the earth, there are no synthetics or chemicals in the oils we choose to work with or the products we create. Perfumes made with chemicals are made specifically to last a long time using one application. You will find that you might need to apply our natural products a few times a day to ensure a lasting effect and aroma. Essential oils are absorbed by our skin, giving us wonderful therapeutic, energetic and emotional benefits. It is important to always use a carrier oil before applying essential oils onto your skin to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. Purchasing products from a certified aromatherapist to ensure the proper safety precautions is important. Please message me with any questions you have before purchasing.