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Our Story

Jessica Fields
Certified Aromatherapist/ Licensed Massage Therapist / Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

Welcome! My name is Jessica Fields and I am the face and heart behind Seven Pines Apothecary.

I began my holistic journey in 2013 when I made a decision that changed my life forever.  I was going through a tough time in my personal life and needed to make some big decisions.  I decided to go back to school to become a massage therapist.  At the same time, I was beginning my own healing journey.  Through physical touch, massage helped me release unacknowledged and stuck emotions.  I quickly became aware and fascinated by the body, mind and spirit connection.  Going to massage school became more to me than just learning a new skill, it became my therapy. 

I graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2014 as a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist.  During this journey, I quickly adapted the philosophy of self care through holistic healing.  Along the way I began my love affair with essential oils. I found myself drawn to them in a very curious way. I was fascinated by the variations of aromas and the idea that every essential oil came from nature. Even though I accumulated many oils over the years, I was still confused as to their purpose and benefits. I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about how essential oils have helped a variety of issues for people and I wanted to know why. In my quest to learn more about these little gems, I started to play around with different combinations and applications. I created blends for my family and friends and quickly realized how powerful these oils could be when used correctly.


To deepen my knowledge around essential oils,  I became a Certified Aromatherapist through Aromahead Institute in 2020 and went on to complete Aromahead's Teacher Training Certification in 2022.  Upon learning about Access Consciousness in 2021, I found myself naturally drawn to Access Bars and immediately had a deep understanding of this type of therapy. After receiving a session myself and seeing instant results I became an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner.  Combining my love of massage, aromatherapy and holistic healing, I am now helping people on a daily basis and fulfilling my life's work through Seven Pines Apothecary.

Seven Pines

Growing up in Pennsylvania I have been surrounded by nature and colors my whole life. My mother is an avid gardener, the sweet aroma of her rose gardens filled the air surrounding our house for many months throughout the year.  Huge pine trees lined the street right in front of our house, SEVEN pine trees to be exact. The pines took over our front yard with their lush branches, fallen needles and pine cones.  I have fond memories of playing in the pine trees with my sister throughout our childhood. We played with the sap the pines naturally created, making mud pies and witches stew.  The pine trees provided shade for us on sunny days, served as an umbrella for the rain and looked like a winter wonderland in the snow.  A wide variety of wildlife have made homes in the pines throughout the years. A day doesn't go by where we don’t hear the birds singing and see the squirrels playing amongst the branches.  Those pine trees are a part of who I am today. The fresh, sometimes sweet, sometimes citrusy, woodsy, herbal aroma is one of my favorite scents.  Which is why you will find a touch of pine or wood in most Seven Pines Apothecary products.  


Our Philosophy

We like to pay homage to the beautiful flowers, leaves, woods, fruits, seeds, grass, roots and resigns that grow so naturally on this planet.  Essential oils are nature's precious gifts for us to use to help facilitate well being on every level. This includes addressing the whole body; physically, emotionally and energetically. Using my knowledge of essential oils and the body, mind and spirit I have custom crafted essential oil blends and aromatherapy products to support health and well being. So much thought and intention has gone into every product that we offer. Every blend is made to order with gratitude and care. We believe in allowing the oils to have a voice of their own and do not use any synthetics or additives in our products. There are many essential oils available today but the ones that we choose to work with have to meet our highest standards. We are proud to say that the essential oils and carriers we use are 100% organic, pure, sustainable, cruelty free, vegan and GC/MS tested. GC/MS stands for Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. This test is the best way to ensure the purity and quality of each oil, making sure there are no additives or synthetics mixed in. Adulterated oils or "perfume/fragrance oils" can cause sensitivities such as allergies, skin irritation and headaches. GC/MS testing also informs us on the therapeutic benefits and the safety considerations of each oil determined by their chemical makeup. 

Please read

Essential oils are from the earth, there are no synthetic fragrances or chemicals in the oils we choose to work with or the products we create. Perfumes made with chemicals are made specifically to last a long time using one application. You will find that you might need to apply our natural products a few times a day to ensure a lasting effect and aroma. Essential oils are absorbed by our skin, giving us wonderful therapeutic, energetic and emotional benefits. It is important to always use a carrier oil before applying essential oils onto your skin to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. Always keep essential oils away from children and pets. Store in a cool dark area with the cap secured tightly. These oils are for external use only. Purchasing products from a certified aromatherapist to ensure the proper safety precautions is important. We have many products that are safe for children but if you would like further information on products for children please message us. 

Essential oils are very powerful plant based substances that, when used correctly can have wonderful benefits. I am not a doctor and I do not have the authority nor the training to diagnose and treat specific medical conditions. I can not prescribe or replace any medical treatment. It is out of my scope of practice. However, based on my education and experience, I am able to make suggestions on the use of essential oils to benefit your health and well being and make really beautiful products! 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Benefits of Essential Oils


-Used to stimulate and support digestive processes. 

-Wonderful for nausea, gas, bloating, menstration.


-Many essential oils contain properties to help support the immune system.

-Helps to prevent and fight off  bacterial and viral infections.


-Used to help combat respiratory infections, congestion, breathing problems and allergies.

Pain Relief

-Many essential oils have pain relieving  and anti inflammatory properties.

-Great for sore muscles, spasms, achy joints and injuries. 

Skin Care

-Many essential oils and carriers are skin nourishing and can help support a wide variety of skin types.

-Also can help support wound healing.

Stress and Depression

- Great for reducing blood pressure, stress responses and anxiety. 

-Helps to alleviate depression and calm the central nervous system.

-Used to support overall emotional well being.


“I'm absolutely in love with all of my products from Seven Pines Apothecary! You can tell from the first consultation that Jessica cares about you and your needs and truly wants to deliver the best products to each and every one of her clients”

— Amy C.


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